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Jensen Essential Aqtive III Super King Size Divan by Furniture Village


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Jensen Essential Aqtive III Super King Size Divan

Jensen Essential Aqtive III Super King Size Divan priced at GBP £7620, The Super king size Essentials Aqtive III adjustable divan set is available both online and in store. This model will be supplied on squared wooden legs, measuring 10cm high. Other foot options such as shepherd castors, or legs in wood or polished metal finishes are available on request. The divan base upholstered in soft textured fabric, available in a selection of colours. Adjustable divan base construction and upholstery Aqtive III model includes two powerful motors that are controlled by two individual handsets, within the base framework this allows you to control both the position of the bed and the massage unit, there is an emergency lowering function which can be activated in the event of a power cut. In addition to this adjustable technology, a pocket spring system is mounted on a solid timber base made from Norwegian spruce and pine. Covered in insulated wadding, this unit is then upholstered in high quality furnishing wool fabrics. The top of the base unit has a panel of special stretch jersey fabric which works in unison with movement in the springs. Essentials mattress construction, fillings and upholstery A 5 zone superior hourglass spring system is encapsulated in layers of superior Latex pads. Each spring, which measures 12.5cm in height, is wrapped in a cloth pocket. Again the mattress is upholstered in high quality furnishing wool fabrics. Both top and bottom have a panel of special stretch jersey fabric which works in unison with movement in the springs. When choosing the comfort level of your mattress, make sure you select the one that best suits your body shape and makes you the most comfortable. We do recommend you take your time to visit a showroom and try before you buy. Like many of our bespoke manufacturers, Jensen offers a choice: medium, firm and extra firm but if you are sharing a standard king size divan or larger, and you or your partner prefer different levels of comfort, you can choose a combination mattress. These options result in different support levels on either side of the bed. Select medium/firm or firm/extra firm support to ensure you both are comfortable. Softline III Topper 8cm thick, and filled with finest Latex, the topper has a removable cover which may be washed at 60c. Please refer to manufacturer’s instructions when laundering this product. The cover has a mix of Quallofil® Allerban ® and Sensity™ fillings. This patented fibre mix, with its air circulation canals, inhibits bacteria, mould spores and mites. This helps to ensure your bed stays cleaner and more hygienic and will provide relief for asthma and allergy suffers. Fixtures and Fittings All Jensen divans are supplied with fittings for a UK-style strutted headboard. Please note headboards are optional extras, and not included in the prices shown the Essential continental is shown here with the Sienna headboard. Manufacturer’s Recommendations As a bespoke manufacturer, Jensen make general recommendations of mattress suitability based on body shape, but it is still a matter of personal preference. Our Bed Buying and Care Guides are also designed to help you make the right choice. . Jensen mattresses are also designed as ‘no need to turn’. The manufacturer still recommends that you rotate the head and foot ends on a regular basis and occasionally flip them over to prolong the life of the product. The same also applies to the topper. These tips are part of a full care guide issued with every Jensen divan or mattress made. Jensen also offer a full bespoke service. If your needs cannot be met through the purchase of a standard model, please contact us with your design specifics and we will be pleased to organise a quotation. Delivery Super king size divans (180cm width) are delivered in 2 pieces each is 3′ x 6’6″ split top to bottom. Please ensure you have sufficient access to your chosen room. As part of our Premier Delivery Service we will arrange for your Jensen bed or mattress to be delivered directly to you via our supplier’s Premier Direct Home Delivery Service. Your furniture will be unwrapped and placed in position by their professionally trained delivery team. (Please note: the images shown represent an approximate rendering of the different available colours. They are not a representation or warranty regarding the final product.) All lead times given are estimated by our suppliers and quoted in good faith. If you live more than 40 miles distant from your local store (please see our online store locator to check against your postcode), it is possible that your anticipated delivery time may be extended because we are not in your area every day. But rest assured we will be with you as soon as we can. For deliveries to mainland Scotland this may add a further 2-3 weeks to your estimated lead time, depending on your exact location.

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